X|Fer Money Transfer

One-stop solution for MTOs, Aggregators and Financial Institutions. Built-in business logics for different industries and geographical regions. Easy to configure, manage and operate.

  • User Management
  • Configure Menus based on users type
  • Configure Reports based on user type
  • Configure Menus based on individual user
  • Configure Reports based on individual user
  • Change Forms field position and field name
  • User Roles
  • Generic Fee Rate with six rules
  • Agent base Fee Rate
  • Distributor base Fee Rate
  • Manual Exchange Rate on Create Transaction Form
  • Agent Settlement Fee Rate Rule
  • Exchange Rate with intermediate rate
  • Agent Commission Report Distributor Commission Report
  • View Transactions Report with Column Filter
  • Email Alerts
  • SMS alerts
  • Compliance Rules based on Corridors, Amount, Customer and Beneficiary
  • Sanction Data scanning
  • Manage ID documents per customer
  • Manage documents per transactions
  • Money Laundering Regulatory Officer Access
  • Manual sanction data update
  • Live feed with sanction data site
  • Manage your own compliance data
  • Built in connection with TransFores
  • Built in prepaid card solutions
  • Built in bill payment solutions
  • Free API development
  • API logs
  • API Reports
  • Transactions Audit Log
  • Export customer data
  • Export Agents Ledgers
  • Live Exchange rate feed

Technology Transfer Rebate

  • Are you satisfied with your current money transfer solution?
  • Do you want a more scalable money transfer solution?
  • Do you not wish to re-invest heavily on a new money transfer solution?

At Cybus Services, we offer Technology Transfer Rebates at extremely competitive prices with flexible payment options. Our primary goal is to provide you with solutions that will serve your needs and help you in growing your business.

  • eWallet (Online Access for Customer)
  • Mobile App
  • Detail System Logs
  • Agency or Branches Management
  • Create White Label Access for Agency
  • Multiple currency support
  • Settlement currency support
  • Create Money Transfer Transactions
  • Manage Transactions
  • Verify Transactions by Agents
  • Auto Authorization Of Transactions
  • Cancel Transactions
  • Payout Transactions
  • Reverse Transactions
  • Free Customize point of sales receipt
  • Agency ledger at creation of transaction or authorization
  • Cashier Closing Report
  • Agency credit limit
  • Alerts to Agency on credit limit
  • Agency accounts statement
  • Agency account in single currency
  • Agency accounts in multiple currency with settlement
  • Reconcile Agency accounts
  • Import Transactions via Excel sheet
  • Import collection points
  • Import Exchange rate
  • Export Transactions
  • Generic Fee Rate with three rules


  • White Label mWallet
  • Cloud-based mWallet. Customer can access via web or mobile app.
  • No data saved in mobile device.
  • Maintain multiple currencies account in Wallet.
  • Funds Upload feature
  • Funds Withdraw feature
  • Make remittance transaction
  • Make internal transfer between accounts.
  • Reset Pin code
  • Pin code verification.
  • Built in SMS Notification and email notification.
  • Integrated with Xfer Main app.
  • Open-source API to link with back office.
  • QR code Payment Module – Coming Soon

Why our mWallet

  • Use our mWallet with your existing remittance or back office software.
  • We will link our mWallet with your web application via API.
  • If you are in the remittance industry, our mWallet and Basic Xfer License provide a turnkey solution.
  • Our mWallet is scalable to meet the needs of any industry requiring mobile financial transactions and can be “white labeled”.

At Cybus Services, we offer technology solutions with competitive pricing that can be tailored to meet your budget.


TradeFinx is a state of the art solution for financial Institutions which deal with Letters of Credit (LC) as part of their businesses. Our solution allows an authorized broker/agent to create a LC following which a draft is generated and then the LC is submitted for approval.

Cybus Services offers technological solutions at competitive prices providing extra value for your money.

Complete feature list

  • Web application accessible from anywhere.
  • No hardware installation required as it is based on SaaS.
  • Complete White Label application.
  • Customization based on your business need.
  • Create internal staff to monitor and manage the business.


  • Create and Manage Broker/agent.
  • Define LC types.
  • Define LC Fee plan.
  • Ability to create LC.
  • Create LC template for MT 700, MT 710, MT 707, MT 760, MT 767, MT n98 and MT n99.
  • Generate LC draft per Performa Invoice.
  • Authorization of LC transaction from head office.
  • Generate swift file for MT 700, MT 710, MT 707, MT 760, MT 767, MT n98 and MT n99.
  • Import swift file in following format 700, MT 710, MT 707, MT 760, MT 767, MT n98 and MT n99 which generate LC.
  • Ability to link with Swift switch.
  • Amendment of LC.
  • Ledger per Brokers.
  • MIS Reports.

Letter of Credit Flow


At Cybus Services, we offer Technology Transfer Rebate at an unbelievable price. Our first and foremost aim is to provide you with solutions that would serve your needs and helps you in growing your business.